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Follow the Queen Poker Rules

This game is almost identical to 7 card stud (it's a 7 Card Stud variant) with a main difference being that all Q's are wild. In addition, when a Q is dealt face up, either on the board or to a player (as an up card), the next card dealt up and all cards of the same rank are also considered wild. This means that with four Q's available, you could have another four wild cards (the cards dealt next) meaning that there are eight wild cards that could play a part in any one hand.

If a subsequent Q is dealt up, the next up card replaces the previous wild as a new wild card. If a Q is the last card dealt up, only Q's are wild. This adds excitement as players tend to make much bigger hands more frequently, due to wild cards. Hands like full houses and straight flush are regularly beaten in this game so don't place the same level of value to your hands that you would do in a regular game of 7 Card Stud.

Best five card hand wins.

Note: All Q's remain wild throughout.

As the rules are as 7 Card Stud, please visit our 7 Stud guide for rules and instructions on how the game is played (taking into account the Q's being wild).

To date there is no online room that offers an online version of this game but it is a fun game and would be a great addition or alternative at any home game.

Alternatively - Check our Games section for listings of games played online.

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