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Online Poker Pro Purchases Porsches In Two’s

By Richard Zikakis at 2012-11-26 13:09:20

When I tell people that I regularly write about online poker, they give me a very strange look and ask what on earth I find to write about. For people not affiliated to the game, i guess i can understand why they might be oblivious as to how massive this industry is, how much is regularly going on and also how much money some people are making.

One such player is Daniel Cates recently won $550 000 dollars in the latest All Star Showdown, after investing in a $100 000 buy-in - not bad for a few days work! 

Luca MoschittaAlso in the news for very different headlines is Team PokerStars Online - Luca Moschitta who recently purchased two brand new Porsches after qualifying as a Super-Nova Elite. Now that’s news which might make the naysayers sit up and take notice. Yup, two brand new Porsches but that's only half the story.

On PokerStars, the status of SuperNova Elite (SNE) is a highly celebrated feat, and we would hazard a guess that this purchase constitutes rather a large celebration of this milestone. He also happens to be the youngest player ever to reach such a milestone. Now that he has peoples attention, he is making sure that the world takes notice of him. He has made SNE for three consecutive years and looks set to cinch a fourth, which is unprecedented. To put it into perspecive, a player would need to earn 1Million VVP player points to hit this level. To do it on consecutive years is an accomplishment in itself. To do it 4 years running would just be sick.

This is not the only way Moschitta has made headlines in recent times. He is only one of two SNE players on PokerStars.it, and guess what? He used his frequent player points (VPP's) to buy the Porsches, at a price of 6 Million VVP's! In other successes, he has cashed in live tournament play ($261,318), and was a runner-up finish in the 2011 Italian Poker Tour, so he has a track record in the pro-circuit.

He studies business and economics at University, is the son of two teachers, and is only 23 years old. A massive pat on the back on such an achievement.

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